Anyone interested in movement, singing, dancing, acting and performance activities is welcome to join the work. The workshop is open for all levels of experience, from people beginning their studies in theatre to professional performers looking to perfect their skills. The training uses a precise structure, enabling you to concentrate on movement and breathing, and in order to improve focus, strengthen the body and prepare for work with the whole body (Mind/voice/body) The main aims of physical training are to awaken participants' awareness of their movement potential, to awaken their inner sight, and to listen to themselves/their partners/the ensemble.

The work will include:

-Capoeira techniques, exploring movements, time and precision.

-Judo techniques, based on the idea of exploiting and diverting the energy received from your opponent.

-Boxing techniques, based on the idea of exploiting movements and velocity.

- Contact running is used to build group awareness. The process awakens the global listening of the body, and requires attention as well as being in the present moment -Partner training in the more subtle relations involved in following/leading, communication through physical contact.

-Voice/singing, rediscovering your natural voice as a communication tool; how it works and its possibilities in our everyday life as well as on-stage.

-Improvisation and creation of movement-based structures, which can be used as performance material. You will be working both on physical elements of training and with objects such as stick, balls and more.

In this workshop, we will explore this practice through:

* Concrete sensations;

* Exploration of the senses;

* Focus, rhythm and accuracy;

* Tactical games;

* Understanding movements;

* Coordination and Attention;

* Somatic framework;

* Weight and severity;

* Vocalization, breathing,

* intention, emotion;

* Ritual songs;

* Work with objects, kinesthetic empathy, manipulation;

* Improvisation, working with partners and group.